Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well today is day 109 in the NICU. Is this ever going to be over? They tell us that we might be able to come home around Christmas. I could see that happening but who knows. One BIG hurd le Ethan has to overcome is to get up to full or partial feeds. At this point most of his nutrion comes from TPN. But he is takeing some feed by his G-tube. To be up tp full feeds he needs to take 60ccs an hr. Right now he is at 18 ccs per hr, at 11pm he will go up to 19 per hr. He gets 4 hrs on then 2 hrs off, Every 6 hrs his feeds go up by 1cc untill he gets to around 60ccs per hr. We will be starting Enzymes in a day or so. Im not sure what kind we will be using. If he cannot get up to full feeds they will talk to us about going home on Tpn.
We have one last hope to get his circumsision done and that would be to put a Broviac iv, but that one only be if he is going to go home on tpn. So only time will tell on this.
Well just a few more days of Tobi, we started on the 1st of october and the dr wants to continue untill the 21st. he is also on a few other antibotics but im not sure off all the names of them. The drs dont tell us what all they are becsaue they change them alot. The drs done tend to tell us a whole lot becsue we have found so many erros that we have started asking them about everything. So now they tell us we dont need to knwo every detail.

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Phoenix's Mom said...

Just a note to let you know your family is in our thoughts. You are amazing parents, it will get better with time. I know that is hard to see right now, but it truly does.
Hope you have a good weekend!