Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Ethan Update - something different 9/17/08

Well, this is an update of a different sort!
I can't remember if I wrote the other day about Ethan being moved to a different room or not, but he was because one of the other babies in his room (for sake of privacy, we will call him Baby R) contracted a viral infection. So Baby R is in quarantine and Baby Ethan and his two other roomates were moved into a different isolation room.
The only thing the nurse would tell us is that Baby R was scheduled to leave in a week. Now he won't be leaving for quite some time. Baby R developed this viral infection while Ethan was still in his room. Although the culture came back negative, Ethan was still exposed to it.
It gets worse! Way worse!
We met with Baby R's dad in the parking garage. We have become friends with his mommy and daddy, so we speak quite frequently. Daddy told us that the nurse had to put a feeding tube in the other day. When she did, she did not know that the tube went down into Baby R's lung instead. Not knowing this, they fed him 80 mL of milk into his lung. The only way they noticed that something was wrong was when Baby R was not taking his feed very well and acting kind of funny! Go figure! So needless to say, the parents are kinda pissed. For those of you who are wondering, they have already spoken with a lawyer, and have a plan in place.
Tia went back to the hospital later that night to go feed Ethan a second time, and the neonatologist came in and told her that Baby R had a deadly strain of the Influenza Virus. Baby R has been cultured twice, and all the other babies have been cultured once. All cultures have come back negative. We wondered why he was telling us, but I am sure it is damage control because our little boy had been exposed to the same influenza virus for almost 2 days.
The thing that strikes us a little odd is that Baby R's daddy didn't mention this to us. We don't think the hospital has told Baby R's parents that their child is lying up there on his death bed...which is what they told us.
Our confidence in this staff is pretty much...gone!
This is what we would like prayers for. First and foremost, Baby R and his health. His mommy and daddy, and their patience and trust with Deaconess. Thirdly, for wisdom or knowledge, or whatever it is the doctors need. And finally for Baby E and the rest of the babies in his room that were exposed to the influenza virus.
Thank you for listening, and thank you for your continued support!
- Kip, Tia, Riley, Baby Ethan, Baby R and his mommy and daddy -

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