Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Ethan Update - 9/29/08

Hello again, all!
I figure it is time I write you all again. The reason it has been so long since my last update is if there is no subject matter to write about, no sense in writing.
Things are still moving very slowly for Baby E. He is still in the NICU, however, we did get the official word that he is no longer the sickets baby in the unit. Actually, Baby R is the sickest baby right now. For all your information, we had lunch with Baby R's parents yesterday, they are doing pretty well. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for them.
The other day, Dr. Thorne (surgeon) ordered a dye test of Ethan's lower section of his small intestines. The results have not been viewed by Dr. Thorne yet, but the Neonatologist said that it looked a bit small (which is to be expected), but no blockages. Reconnection of his stomas could happen within the next couple of weeks...possibly.
We have been able to get him to go back to eating partly breast milk, and partly formula. We are able to hold him as often and as long as we want. He has given us some GREAT smiles (I think we have some pictures of it), he is very alert and aware of his surroundings.
He has developed a dry cough, which we are testing to see if it is viral or not. The CF doctor thinks it might just be the common cold. It happens this time of year.
Other than that, not a whole lot has changed for this little man! We will keep you posted, just remember, not a whole lot happenes all at once anymore! This is a good thing!
- Kip, Tia, Riley, and Baby E -

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