Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby Ethan Update - 2/20/09

So, we have some very important news for everyone. If anyone would like to come to see Ethan, this week is the time to do it as he is being transferred to Seattle Children's as early as sometime next week.
Lindsey - Dr. Abou-Harb will try to facilitate the move either on Sunday, or more likely Monday a week from now. This way it falls on my days off. We did that for you! ;-)
The reason for the transfer is that Sacred Heart believes that they have tried everything in their power to "fix" our little boy, but just don't have any more ideas. At least in Seattle there will be a team of GI specialists that will work with him, instead of just one. The unit he will be in will be a GI unit, and in that unit, he will be in the specialized division. Tia will go to be with Ethan full time while I stay at home and continue to work to pay for rent. Little Man Riley will go live with g-ma and g-pa and him and I will travel to-and-from Seattle every week. Another benefit to Seattle is that they will be able to give him fish oil to replace the lipids he is recieveing. I guess the lipids he gets now is made of soy and that is part of the problem that is causing his liver damage.
About going to the PICU, that was a serious waste of time. It ended up that he had a urinary tract infection from his catheter, which was pulled shortly after he returned to the Peds. unit. He spent less than 12 hours in the PICU and left because the PICU docs didn't believe he needed to be there. Lets all thank Sacred Heart for scaring the daylights out of Tia and I. But I think they were just trying to play it safe.
Other than that, everything else is somewhat copasetic. He has begun to smile again for the first time in weeks. He has also started talking again, and seems to be just a cheerful as ever.
Thank you again for all your support! We appreciate every one of you!
Directions to Sacred Heart is found below.
- Kip, Tia, Riley, and Baby E -
Directions to Sacred Heart:
BRING CASH! You will need to pay for parking. At most it will be $3.
If you get off the Division St exit, go around the block to Browne St (heading south, towards the hospital).
Continue up the hill to until the road begins to veer to the right. You will see a little island, stay to the LEFT of the island. You will shortly come to a stop sign. This should be 7th. Take a left. Just past the loading docks on the right you will see a gated entrance. Go in there by taking a parking ticket. When you enter the garage, the first set of elevators you will see on your right will be the "Fish" elevators. You want to continue around the garage until you see the "Star" elevators. These two elevators are on opposite ends of the garage. Take the "Star" elevator to L2 (btw, make sure you make note of what color you are parked on). When you exit the elevators you will be at the front door of the Pediatrics unit. Go in there, and look for room 211. It will be the last door on the right across from the nurses station. You don't need to check in with the nurses, just go in. Please feel free to come see Ethan even if we are not there.
Also, you will find a guest book located on the wall underneath the TV. We ask that all of you please at least sign and date the guest book. We would like to keep a copy of who came to see him in his scrapbook.
Most days we are there from noon to 5. You do not need to make an appointment with us, just show up!
Thank you all again!

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